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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What Is Ceroc?
Ceroc (pronounced sir-roc) is the funky modern partner dance with a Latin look and feel; done to the latest chart music (can also be done to other music). This is a partner dance you can do at parties and nightclubs. (also see: History of Ceroc)
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When Do I Start?
You can start the Beginners class any week. In Beginners classes a new routine is taught in each class each night. No harm is done if you miss a week either. Any age is welcome from 15 years and over.
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Do I Have To Bring A Partner?
No, although we encourage you to bring a partner, we swap everyone around during class. This means that there is no need for even numbers, extra people simply wait out for one turn (one or two minutes).
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What Dance Experience Do I Need?
None whatsoever. We warmly welcome people with no previous dance experience. In fact we will refund your money if you genuinely find your Beginners class too difficult and have been unable to learn anything.
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How Do Classes Work?
We start with a gentle warm-up. Then we get you to partner up. We will teach you one move at a time, putting music on for you to practice, and then we join them up to make a small routine. Generally you will learn four moves in a Beginners class each night. Ceroc is easy to learn, relaxed and fun.

Our Beginners Classes are at 7.20pm (for 7.30pm start) every Monday, at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui and also 6.50pm (for 7.00pm start) every Wednesday, at Dance Fusion, Elizabeth St West (turn in at the end of Elizabeth St just before the roundabout onto the expressway - we are opposite the Yoga Center)
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What Do I Wear To Class?
Anything goes. Some people dress casual: jeans, T-shirts and others dress up to go out after class. You will get hot so wear something cool or have a layer you can take off. We do not recommend high, spiked heels and tight fitting clothes. If in doubt about your shoes, bring a spare pair.
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When Can I Move To The Next Level?
Everyone's progress is different but there are basic guidelines. It is recommended that you do at least 8 beginners classes before moving up to the next level. Get some helpful guidelines from dancing with a Ceroc teacher first.
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What Is Freestyle?
Freestyle is dancing 'off the cuff'. Once the men have built up a repertoire of Ceroc moves, they then practice changing the order as they lead. You are invited to come along to our freestyle and party nights nationwide. Join our email network for info on upcoming events or visit our events pages at and
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How Much Do Classes Cost?

You can pay on a casual basis or buy a ten-class concession card.

CASUAL RATE:  $15.00 per night incl GST (one hour lesson and half an hour freestyle and practice) 

or $10.00 for Students (15 years and over) With Student ID

$50 for a 5-class Concession card  Beginners Only (saving $25)

$96 for a 8-class Concession card (saving $24)

$120.00 for a 10-class Concession card (saving $30)

$240.00 for a 20-class Concession card for couples (saving $60)

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Do You Offer Private Lessons?
Yes we do. The price for a private lesson is $75 per hour per couple.
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Do You Offer Wedding Packages?
Yes we have a variety of wedding packages available and we are sure that there is a package that is right for you. You can view our current range of wedding packages we have available by clicking here.
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What Is The History Of Ceroc?
Ceroc (from the French - C'est Roc) was developed in France from the jive that the G.I.'s taught the French during the Second World War. In the early 1980's a Frenchman, James Cronin started classes in London which are now enormously successful. Angelique Meyer, living in London at the time, attended classes for a few years and trained to teach.

Returning to New Zealand she started teaching classes at Danceworks in 1988. In 1990 the first Ceroc Dance studio opened. There are now branches in Auckland, Northland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Cambridge, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin
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How Do I Book?
Simply fill in our online booking form click here to book, or come along to one of our weekly classes.
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I Have Another Question?
If you have another question not answered above, we welcome enquiries, click here to fill in our enquiry form or why not come along to a class and see for yourself.
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